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We are completely bilingual in English and Spanish and dedicate our services to serving the needs of the Latino business community. Our professionalism and personalized services puts us ahead of the competition.

Our firm provides services to new and existing businesses that need help with their finances, taxes and sales growth.

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Income Tax

Preparation and representation before the IRS on all tax matters including audits, collections and appeals.

Small Business Tax Consulting

Advise high income individuals on minimizing their taxes while maximizing their after-tax wealth.

Notary Public in Texas

Affidavits, Acknowledgments, Apostilles, & Translations. We do not offer legal advice. Services only available in Brownsville.

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Bookkeeping Services

Exclusively for professional corporations such as attorneys, doctors, logistic firms and high net individuals


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Pasos para abrir un negocio en los Estados Unidos

Pasos para abrir un negocio en los Estados Unidos como extranjero y cumplir con requisitos migratorios: Plan de negocio.  Incluye un análisis de mercado para saber quién es el cliente, quienes son la competencia y a que precio puedes vender tu producto o servicio. En...

Improve your dental and medical billing.

Has your production income dropped? It’s probably time to look into your practice’s billing department and have a chat with your accountantant to run some numbers. Dental and medical office owners should review their financial statements with their accountants to...

The importance of an income statement.

The income statement (Profit & Loss report) is a financial report that tells management, self-employed or shareholders how the business is performing in terms of revenue and where the money is being spent. The income statement is important to have on a monthly,...

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