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We manage your finances to grow your profits, and minimize your taxes with the most effective and high end tax strategies.

Tax Resolution

We know the in and outs with the IRS and have a solid understanding of your rights as a taxpayer. Let us represent you with your tax audit, collections or appeals.

Digital Marketing

Don’t stay behind. We can help with your sales growth, logo design, branding, YouTube video editing and social media management.

Don’t let the IRS bully you.

Through extensive training and continued education in the tax field we can handle any tax matter that you or your company may have. We are no strangers with the IRS. Our experience has helped settle thousand dollars debts for a lesser amount.


One on one business chat

Are you having trouble attracting new clients? Is your budget out of control? Do you even have a budget?

Based on the needs of your business we will offer you a personalized and unique consulting service. Whether you are an online store, a restaurant or a dental office we have the experience to assess and provide solutions.